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A British company supplying a range of high performance Products through four market focused ranges:


bulletSpecialty Lubricants,
bulletMaintenance Aids,
bulletMetalworking Fluids and
bulletSafety Systems to an extensive range of industries world-wide.


The products supplied include; advanced bearing greases and chain oils for high temperature, low temperature, high load, food safe and wet environments. Anti-seize compounds, penetrating sprays, welding and non destructive testing materials along with corrosion control products in aerosol and bulk form the basis of our maintenance aids. In addition a range of advanced biostable water-mix metal working fluids and machine tool care chemicals are available. 

The lubricants are manufactured under ISO 9000 quality management procedures ensuring that a consistent level of high quality product is produced.

Global Lubricants Ltd is committed to research and development and has an active product development programme in place, this is exemplified by the recent launch of a range of biodegradable bearing greases, which, whilst achieving the performance characteristics of conventional products, will rapidly biodegrade if they get into the natural environment.

Our company believes that one of the most important features of today's business is customer service and to this end we offer a full technical support service including; product training, customer field visits, product launch programmes and instigation of specific product development requirements.

Our aim is to always exceed our customers expectations.

Global Lubricants Ltd are in a strong position to meet the ever increasing necessity for speciality lubricants and chemicals designed to cope with the demanding requirements of modern industries and technologies.



International News:
There are many products that are currently in short supply globally. This is due to the unfortunate incidents in the far east and we are doing our utmost to smooth supply and delivery. Contact us for more details.


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